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Language is the key.

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An Occupational Language Analysis (OLA) defines the standard English and French language requirements of an occupation based on the tasks identified in occupation-specific Essential Skills Profiles. An OLA defines the Canadian Language Benchmarks levels required to perform tasks related to specific jobs as defined in the Essential Skills Profiles and additional information found in the National Occupational Standards. Each OLA is developed following a set methodology developed by the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks in partnership with Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council.

 OLA Database

Click the links on the menu on the left side of this web page:

  • if you want to search for a particular OLA. You can search the database by occupation name, sector (at this time, Tourism is the only sector available), or by National Occupational Classification (NOC) code.
  • if You can also click the link on the left margin, " Tourism OLAs" to access the full list.

An OLA serves as a companion document to both the Essential Skill Profile (developed by HRSDC for occupations defined by the National Occupation Classification system) and the National Occupational Standard of the sector for a given occupation.  OLAs define language requirements of the occupation based on the tasks identified in the Essential Skill Profile and the National Occupation Classification.

Click one of the following links for the:

  • "OLA Orientation to the Methodology " - a white paper that describes the OLA methodology process
  • OLA Flowchart shows you how different users can find OLAs useful in their work and career planning.
  • 3 Standards flyer  - defines what are the National Occupational Classifications, Essential Skills and CLBs
  • Comments from OLA users

     OLA Orientation

    If you are an HR professional, ESL instructor, or Settlement Counsellor, find out how OLAs can help you understand language requirements for specific jobs.

    Note: This orientation requires the latest version of Macromedia Shockwave Player.

    The first OLAs were developed in partnership with the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council for occupations in high demand in tourism.


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